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Maestro have a strong commitment to total quality control. All of our products are hot run tested for at least 12 hours before leaving the factory.


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     The new
     Woomera is
     now here

Built even better than before and with even more performance from the latest Impedance Match Technology.

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   Hard to find
   PCI and ISA
   controller based

The MI250ISA and MI250PCI are truly lifesavers for those who require a  fully featured modem for both legacy systems and new installations.

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MaestroTel 3200 PBX with Outlook integration

With a history of unique designs and technologies its not that surprising to see a low cost PBX system with complete integration to Microsoft Outlook calendar.

What is MaestroTel?

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MaestroTel 3200 PBX
The MaestroTel 3200 is a powerful hybrid PBX system offering from 8 to 24 extension and 4 to 8 external analog lines. It has complete integration with Microsoft Outlook 2003 logging all calls to the calendar. No need to remember a complicated command structure for different phone modes, it's all done from a click of your mouse!

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Outlook Integration

MaestroTel3200 Outlook Appointment

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MaestroTel3200 Quick Find Contact

Telephone Line Setup

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