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  The two       
  Directors of
  Chris and
  Dan Darling

Chris and Dan Darling are pictured at there manufacturing facility near Canberra

     The new
     Woomera is
     now here

Built even better than before and with even more performance from the latest Impedance Match Technology.

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The two Directors of the company (since its inception 20 years ago) have been and remain, Chris Darling and Dan Darling
Chris and Dan Darling have developed the company into  a market leader in the design and production of modems in Australia and more recently PBX convergence systems. They have been innovators – responsible for the development of such products as:
  • NOVIX 4000 Supercomputer
  • First in Australia to produce Class 2 Fax Modem
  • The acclaimed Woomera Modem purpose-built by Maestro with Farmwide for poor telephone lines in remote areas using Networking Australia funding (widely regarded as the best modem made anywhere in the world)
  • Message Modem which collects and stores email messages and faxes.
  • Talking Keyboard for the visually impaired
  • And now with the emphasis on telephony products the "MaestroTel " PBX systems and monitors.
  • A wide range of specialist modems for Industrial applications.