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Maestro Quality
Maestro have a strong commitment to total quality control. All of our products are hot run tested for at least 12 hours before leaving the factory.

MaestroTel 3000 PBX with Outlook integration

With a history of unique designs and technologies its not that surprising to see a low cost PBX system with complete integration to Microsoft Outlook calendar amongst the Maestro product base. This is genuinely a unique product. With its Outlook integration alone it can save a business thousands of dollars by simply analyzing lost calls.


What is MaestroTel?
A brief description of the Hybrid PBX system "MaestroTel".

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The second generation Woomera has arrived

With the latest in Impedance Match Technology and dual mode interface featuring high speed serial and USB.
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ISA and PCI controller based modems

Maestro have a range of internal modems featuring full controller based operation suitable for both legacy operating systems and the latest windows based interfaces. These units will work on Linux as well. They feature fax class 1 and 2 and V.92 and V.44 as well.
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The latest Jetstream M240 V.92 modem

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