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MaestroTel Hybrid PBX System with Outlook Integration

Be in control of your business destiny with the latest in low cost PBX systems with seamless integration with Outlook 2003 and 2007

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MaestroTel 3200 Hybrid PBX System

Why MaestroTel?
Anyone who has experienced the confines of a standard PBX unit will appreciate MaestroTel. The developers of the system were long-time users of an SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) PBX systems and were constantly frustrated with the limitations and constrictions of their alternatives. For example, if a change needed to be made to the set-up, it required a personal visit from the supplier’s technician. MaestroTel is not like that. MaestroTel is a hybrid system that interacts with its users and provides visual (on a PC screen) and voice prompts to make it more user friendly. MaestroTel is also much easier for a user to configure, because no huge maintenance costs are incurred in requiring the services of a specialized technician. Likewise, it is possible for the end-user to completely customize the way the system operates, by using some PC based web browser XE "web browser"  software. (e.g. Internet Explorer V6, or above). This eliminates the need for costly maintenance visits. MaestroTel also contains the most advanced speech facilities available. Her name is “Audrey.” She will provide voice prompts and special user friendly features not found on any other PBX and what’s more, she is very easy to understand. MaestroTel is a server based system and doesn’t require that a dedicated PC be provided for use as a server. The system also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook and uses its contacts database to provide on-screen caller ID. MaestroTel also contains all of the “wish lists” of long time PBX users and has been developed in wide consultation with distributors and users. The system also allows users to dictate how many of their external lines can be used for dialing out and/or dialing in. This is a particularly useful feature for businesses which have a large number of inbound calls.
MaestroTel is easy to use, right from the time it is connected to your phone line/s and MaestroTel contains more features than units costing many times its price.
MaestroTel provides for a minimum of four incoming phone lines and up to eight extensions in the standard configuration, with a maximum configuration of eight incoming lines and twenty four extension phones.
MaestroTel is cased in a “PC type” cabinet, which contains the unit and its connections, and from which it draws its operating power. MaestroTel is comprised of a motherboard with seven slots to house the processor card and four external telephone input lines. The first three slots house extension telephone cards (eight extensions on each) and the seventh slot can provide an additional four external phone lines, giving the eight external phone lines mentioned above. There is also a 10/100 Ethernet connection for connecting to a network. This connection is used in the initial set-up routine and is also used for “PC” based software to operate from. The uses of these individual pieces of hardware will be mentioned later in this manual.
One of the great advantages of MaestroTel is that no proprietary extension phones are required to interface with the system.  Most of your existing analogue phones and fax machines, including cordless phones, will work with MaestroTel (they do require a “recall” also known as “hook flash” facility – see later). Currently, mobiles are not included.
It is mandatory that your existing phones have a “flash,” “hook flash” or “recall” facility (these are all the same function), because this is used in part of the operating system. This feature toggles between command mode (see later) and an on-line call (that is, the current caller or the next caller in the queue).
Handsets providing “Speaker Phone” facility are also highly useful for this system.
MaestroTel provides for such features as Voice Mail Box (VMB), reminders, answering machine, call-on-hold, call all extensions, transfer call and many others and there is no limitation on the number of simultaneous voice recordings.

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